Domestic Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems



Solar PV turns the light energy from the sun into electrical energy.  This energy can then be used to run the appliances within your home. Solar PV can even generate electricity on a cloudy day.

The solar panels generate electricity as Direct Current (DC).  This is then converted into Alternating Current (AC) using an inverter.  This in turn is connected to your consumer unit (fuse box) where it is able to supply electric to yourself, or for export to the grid.

Domestic systems are designed to fit on households, and generate upto 4kW of electricity. 


Benefits of Solar PV

The advantages of PV include :-

• Reduction in energy bills

• Increase to the value of your home/property

• Receive payments for electricity generated (Feed In Tariff)

• Receive payments for unused electricity (Export Tariff)

• Low maintenance

• No running costs

• Produces a return of 8-10% financial investment

• 20-25 years manufacturer’s warranty

• Life span beyond 30 years

Survey, Quotation and Installation Process

In order to evaluate if your property is suitable for solar PV, one of our trained engineers will come out to your property where the Solar PV system is to be installed and complete a free, no obligation site survey.  During the visit they will :-

• Ensure that your site is suitable for a Solar PV system.

• Ensure that the electrical installation is up to date and meets with current safety regulations.

• Check site access and roof conditions for installation feasibility, issues and costs associated to the solar panel installation.

• Obtain the required information to predict the amount of power that will be generated.

We will then prepare a detailed site survey report that will include all the above items and send this to out to you along with your quotation. Once you have had the chance to review your quotation you may want to discuss any issues with our team and make any changes that you think are needed.

Once you are happy with the quotation and have obtained planning permission (if required) you can place your order for your PV system.

If required, we will arrange for scaffolding to be in place prior to the installation of your PV system onto a roof and removed afterwards.

Installation usually takes no longer than a couple of days and once completed you can start enjoying the benefits of Solar PV.

We will assist you to complete the Feed-in Tariff application process to ensure that you get the payments promptly.

System Diagram


Page last updated 14/12/2016


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